Eat Well, Be Well.

It sounds simple, and it is that simple. One of the main pillars of any Retreat with Miriam will always be nutrition and how food changes everything. During the retreat we will nourish our bodies with delicious healthy vegan food and we will learn about plant based nutrition and how to use the right foods to help us thrive in life. 

Always Vegan. Non negotiable. 

I became vegan for ethical reasons, and then, Mother Nature gave me the gift of health as a result of my choice. I also began to learn more about how our food choices impact the survival of our planet. I am vegan for the animals, for humans, and for conservation of our resources - every Retreat with Miriam reflects these beliefs, in every location.


food allergies or intolerances?
I have you covered. 

It is important to me to make sure everyone feels at ease around the dinner table. I will always try my best to make sure the food offering at the retreat location suits your needs and you don't feel like it is a big deal to eat differently, because, it is not. 

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  • At Apoyo Lodge, all food is also naturally gluten free.