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Choose the retreat theme that fits your needs

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Do you love…

  • Beautiful venues that strive to do what’s right for humans, animals and the planet?

  • Delicious, nourishing and mindfully created plant-based foods and drinks?

  • Activities that fuel your body, your mind and your spirit?

  • Learning how to be a better version of yourself?

  • Smiles and hugs galore? (I can’t help it - sorry, not sorry!)

Then I surely have a retreat for you!

We are all unique beings with unique needs at different stages of our journey, and for that reason, I have created three very distinctive retreat themes to make sure you are joining the retreat that resonates the most with you. After all, this is your well deserved break and you need to make sure you get the most out of the experience!


Healthy Living Retreats

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My original retreat, Healthy Living for Beginners, was designed for people that wanted to experience a vacation that would give them an opportunity to learn how to balance their lifestyle and how to make healthy choices in different aspects, all while enjoying the beautiful Apoyo Lodge, Nicaragua's first 100% vegan hotel, and all the beautiful places nearby. 

Healthy Living has evolved now and it is no longer just for beginners in healthy lifestyle, but for everybody that has an interested in spending their time off in beautiful natural environments, eating delicious plant-based meals cook with love, experiencing activities that make you feel good with your body and your mind, all while respecting mother nature and its habitants. 

This retreat includes a daily morning yoga class suitable for all levels (brand new practicioners welcome!), workshops that touch on different aspects of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, relationships, career, etc... and fun activities such as SUP (stand up paddle boarding), dance and/or acroyoga to name a few.

There are at least a couple of sightseeing tours included, either visiting nearby attractions or meaningful volunteer activities in the community we are visiting. At least one massage therapy session is usually included, or an alternative healing treatment available at location. You can skip any of the activities planned if you wish a more relaxed experience, but you will have plenty of opportunities to keep yourself busy learning, exploring and soaking it all. 

Healthy Living is perfect for couples, friends, solo travellers of all ages. It is like a conscious version of an all-inclusive vacation, one that will make you get back home inspired to make some positive changes, after experiencing a few "aha moments". 

Detox Camp

My Detox Camps are designed to help you jump-start a holistic cleansing process and provide you with the tools you need to continue this journey on your own when you get back home. Think about it as a much needed body, mind and spirit reset. How do you know if you need a reboot? Let me help you with that!


Are you...

... feeling unusually tired?

... overweight or simply living in a body that you don't recognize as yours?

... suffering from brain fogskin problems? bloating and/or digestive complications? crazy sugar cravingsemotional eating episodes?

if your answer is yes to any of these questions, then a Detox Camp is exactly what you need. 

Your body is so wise, you wouldn’t believe it! It was designed to keep itself clean and healthy by just following our natural instincts. Unfortunately, most of today's western lifestyles don't support the body's mission of getting rid of the junk it no longer needs. Instead, most people overload their systems with damaging chemicals, toxins and fake foods/drinks with low nutritional value on a daily basis, which adds an incredible amount of work to your cleansing organs.

When your body is not eliminating waste properly, chronic health problems, fatigue or unwanted extra pounds will irremediably become part of your lifeWhen your mind is overloaded with stress and negative emotions and thoughts, you will feel lost and unsure of your life purpose.

During Detox Camp we eat a mostly raw/liquid diet that has been designed to be nutritionally abundant while easy enough to digest to allow your body to go deeper into its cleansing functions. Our yoga practice (twice daily) will mostly be very gentle and suitable for complete beginners of all ages and body types. We will enjoy 2 massages or applicable therapies throughout the week to support our elimination process, and there will be plenty of themed workshops to help you understand how you can detox your body and your mind to connect with your spiritual self. There is plenty of time to rest, recharge, reconnect and find balance. Detox Camps are designed to be spent at a single location, resting, enjoying nature, feeling supported by myself and the group members, who are all on their own healing journeys just like yourself.

Retreat & The City

Here it is: the perfect yoga retreat for those who wish to mix a few days of yoga inmersion in a minblowing location in nature, followed by one or two days at an incredible city to be discovered. If you are the type of person that likes a little bit of both nature and city living, this is the break for you.

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We will begin this retreat by spending 4 nights at a quiet retreat center to disconnect from our day to day life and reconnect with ourselves and our deeper purpose. Yoga is much more than physical practice or asanas, and during this time we will explore some of the other limbs of yoga such as pranayama and meditation, that will help you on your path to enlightment or unity with your higher self. I took my Hatha Yoga teacher training in the holy city of Rishikesh, India, as my intention was to get as close to root of the yoga philosophy as I could, to then be able to share this knowledge with others that are also seeking some life purpose.

My focus as a yoga teacher is to support those with busy minds achieve a sense of calmness that they can bring back to their daily lives. This is not a retreat for advanced practitioners, but rather for those beginners/intermediate practicioners that are eager to learn more about the benefits of yoga not only on the mat, but most importantly, off the mat.

After these days of twice daily asana practice, workshops and related activities in nature, we will move to a nearby city where we will explore the sights, eat the local vegan food, practice in local spots and learn more about the culture of the country we are visiting. We will have an opportunity to learn more about how to bring yoga into modern/city life once the retreat ends and you go back home, while soaking in the local atmosphere.

Retreat & The City is perfect for solo travellers, friends and those who are trying to find balance between their natural and urban sides. Let my several years of globetrotting experience bring you the right mix of peace and bustle you are looking for!

Still not sure? No worries!

Drop me a line and I will help you make a decision based on your needs