Life changing experience at Apoyo Lodge -
The detox was challenging but just what I needed to turn my physical health challenges around. Thats to the amazing support I received, my new healthy habits have stayed with me and I am SO grateful for the genuine love and care that was given to each retreat participant. Besides, the price was incredibly affordable for the TLC we received.
— Odessa, USA || Spring Detox Camp 2018

Thank you Miriam for the opportunity to experience your healthy retreat! Beautifully put together and very supportive and informative. My health coaching session was very insightful (and confirming) and you are a powerful & intuitive coach! So awesome to see an empowered woman living her purpose/passions. I know not always easy but you did it!!
— Jennifer, USA || Healthy Living with Miriam, November 2017

Dear Miriam, I cannot put into words the gratitude and appreciation I feel for the great gift you offered us during our journey in beautiful Apoyo Lodge. I had an wonderful time! You provided us with an awesome space to learn, play, relax, and simply be ourselves. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.
— Berenice, USA || Healthy Living with Miriam, November 2017

Detox in paradise - I really needed a break from my crazy life and randomly found this spot through google searches and they actually had a juice detox on the dates I was off. I usually take beach holidays but a isolated lake in a volcanic crater was something different and probably even more magical.
Miriam was an incredible host along with all her staff who actually did the detox with us. Morning yoga and massages with Catherine really complemented the experience.
I was able to eat some food the first and last day and that was the only loss in this because the vegan menu looked so incredible and i feel it’s impossible to leave here feeling bad.
I knew as soon as we started down the the unpaved road at the end I had made the right choice as it tends to be the more isolated spots are often the best in my opinion. The lake is warm and soothing, internet was fast, and don’t forget to check out the active Masaya volcano.
— Vanessa, Canada || Spring Detox Camp 2017

An amazing experience - I went to Apoyo Lodge for a yoga and health retreat and had one of the best and most moving experiences of my life. The Lodge is set within an imploded volcano next to a huge lake that fills the crater of the volcano and is a most beautiful setting. There are plenty of places to relax, unwind, take in the environment or mix with other residents at the lodge, whatever you prefer.
The staff couldn’t be anymore helpful, considerate, kind and passionate and the food is the BEST I have ever experienced EVER! The rooms are very comfortable, clean and the communal area is welcoming. I will definitely be visiting here again.
— Lorraine, UK || Healthy Living with Miriam Feb 2017

Nicaragua’s Hidden Gem - Apoyo Lodge is hidden in what looks like an oasis on the edge of Apoyo Lagoon. I was there for a 6-day yoga/wellness retreat and it has to be one of the most peaceful, relaxing and quiet places I’ve ever been to: you have the lagoon (who’s water envelops you like a warm blanket), hammocks tied to palm trees in several spots around the lodge, and the eco-lodge is open to 14-16 people at a time, which gives that exclusive feel (and very quiet). What was even more pleasantly surprising was the plant-based meals - I’ve tasted some of the best food of my life here (coming from someone who likes chicken!). And on top of everything, Miriam, Maribel and the staff were so kind, compassionate and caring. I’ve been telling everyone to come here :) <3
— Lisa, Canada || Health Living with Miriam Feb 2017